Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My first experiments with Tilt Brush.

I have "played" a little with Tilt Brush for the first time since I received my HTC Vive on 6 April. I made a Totoro on a pedestal as a test:

It turned out rather well than what I expected so I decided to expand the painting with adding more characters and a branch like on the picture:

I spent around 5 hours (what Steam says is my Tilt Brush usage) all together with this.. turned out decent, but I made a few mistakes.. I have used a wrong tool for Mei and Satsuke "|some wire tool" which is very convenient to use because it has a volume and its a lot easier to prevent the effect which can be seen on Tototo's belly but this tool does not have shadows! I just noticed this morning when I woke up. Anyway, it was just a test to familiarise myself with Tilt Brush and even after just 5 hours of using it I was able to paint something. It is very intuitive to use, all you need is to figure out redo/undo shortcuts so you don't go to the left hand menu every time you made a wrong move and you are pretty much good to go.

Here are both models in Tilt Brush format if you would like to view it with your Vive headset:

Totoro on pedestal: Untitled_0.tilt
Totoro, Mei and Satsuke on a branch: Untitled_3.tilt

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Nuclear Clone

Here is something I've been working on for some time 3 months ago but haven't had much time to add anything in the last 3 months and never released it to public so here you go... my little clone of the Vlambears latest... or Nuclear Clone as I like to call it :-) It's a little game that I made when playing a lot of Nuclear Throne.

You play as Chicken, my favorite character from Nuclear Throne, but there are no special abilities like slow-mo or head-less afterlife.. nor the katana (as melee weapons have not been implemented yet) and basically you have to kill everything in the level to get to the next one.. you know the drill.

There are only 5 weapons, pistol, machine gun, mini gun, mega gun and grenade launcher. You can also pick up ammo boxes and health packs. Enemies also drops rads but there are no use for them at the moment... There are only 3 types of enemies and the game difficulty is increasing with every completed level so eventually you die sooner than later.. or maybe you will break the game if you manage to survive for long enough.. who knows. I personally managed to get to almost lv50.

There are basic statistics implemented and the game saves them. There are also bugs, lots of them.. so sometimes the portal spawns outside of the map or enemies manages to escape out of playable map :) or your weapon will not shoot at the beginning.. and stuff like that.. just restart if something stupid happens.

I have learned a ton doing this little copy-cat game.. also got a lot of cool ideas along the way how I could made it into something original.. the kind of isaac-nuclear throne-ftl mix game.. but who knows, I stopped working on this and then I went cycling around scotland and was away for almost a month so now when I'm finally back I may try and do some updates to it...

Here is the download link for the last windows version from july 2014.

Download link:

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ridiculous fishing 3D model

This article is about my 3D print of ridiculous fishing boat I've done in my spare time and it is now available to order from i.materialise.com website here:

I love Ridiculous Fishing and especially it's art style and as a 3D artist myself I was wondering how the game would look if they made it in 3D using this style...
I haven't hesitated for long and after a couple of hours I had the basic model done when somebody (@johnkristinsson) recommended this site to get it 3d printed. So after another couple of days of hard work to carefully refining it for 3D printing (the flag did not break after all, woohoo!) and then about 3 weeks of waiting for it to be printed, this is the result.
I must say I'm pretty happy how it turned out and it sits on my shelf nicely :-)

Since the description and picture space on that site is limited and there is more information you should know about the model I wrote it in here:

1. This is not a toy. This is a 3D print from quite britle sandstonish material thats holding together by some coloured glue. If you drop it it will most likely break. It will sit on your table nicely though :)
If you want to read more about the material used check out this link: http://i.materialise.com/materials/multicolor

2. The model is not water-friendly and it will loses it's colours if it comes into contact with water (at least thats what they say about the material I have used for this model).

3. You will be placing an order with i.materialise.com and it will take about 10-15 days before they ship your 3d printed model. If you have any question regarding your order please contact i.materialise.com directly as I can't do anything about your order at all.

4. Your model might not be absolutely perfect. Due to the limitation of the printing process, material used, together with the small size of the model there might be some imperfections like tiny pointy features that break during printing or not survive the shipping process. (My model for example has broken tip of the bird's wing and tail. See pictures below for more details.)

Hopefully this have answered the most common questions about what you could expect if you decide to get your own. More pictures below:

Broken tip of the wing can be seen here.
I put my model into an empty perfume box to protect it.
 Quick render :-)

On the left is the model in its original size.. about 19cm from front to back but since that would cost about £150-200+ to print I had to seriously scale it down to the limit of what is still possible to print to make the price more reasonable. On the right is the cleaned and adjusted model thats 3D printing ready.. about 9cm long.