Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Nuclear Clone

Here is something I've been working on for some time 3 months ago but haven't had much time to add anything in the last 3 months and never released it to public so here you go... my little clone of the Vlambears latest... or Nuclear Clone as I like to call it :-) It's a little game that I made when playing a lot of Nuclear Throne.

You play as Chicken, my favorite character from Nuclear Throne, but there are no special abilities like slow-mo or head-less afterlife.. nor the katana (as melee weapons have not been implemented yet) and basically you have to kill everything in the level to get to the next one.. you know the drill.

There are only 5 weapons, pistol, machine gun, mini gun, mega gun and grenade launcher. You can also pick up ammo boxes and health packs. Enemies also drops rads but there are no use for them at the moment... There are only 3 types of enemies and the game difficulty is increasing with every completed level so eventually you die sooner than later.. or maybe you will break the game if you manage to survive for long enough.. who knows. I personally managed to get to almost lv50.

There are basic statistics implemented and the game saves them. There are also bugs, lots of them.. so sometimes the portal spawns outside of the map or enemies manages to escape out of playable map :) or your weapon will not shoot at the beginning.. and stuff like that.. just restart if something stupid happens.

I have learned a ton doing this little copy-cat game.. also got a lot of cool ideas along the way how I could made it into something original.. the kind of isaac-nuclear throne-ftl mix game.. but who knows, I stopped working on this and then I went cycling around scotland and was away for almost a month so now when I'm finally back I may try and do some updates to it...

Here is the download link for the last windows version from july 2014.

Download link: