Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My first experiments with Tilt Brush.

I have "played" a little with Tilt Brush for the first time since I received my HTC Vive on 6 April. I made a Totoro on a pedestal as a test:

It turned out rather well than what I expected so I decided to expand the painting with adding more characters and a branch like on the picture:

I spent around 5 hours (what Steam says is my Tilt Brush usage) all together with this.. turned out decent, but I made a few mistakes.. I have used a wrong tool for Mei and Satsuke "|some wire tool" which is very convenient to use because it has a volume and its a lot easier to prevent the effect which can be seen on Tototo's belly but this tool does not have shadows! I just noticed this morning when I woke up. Anyway, it was just a test to familiarise myself with Tilt Brush and even after just 5 hours of using it I was able to paint something. It is very intuitive to use, all you need is to figure out redo/undo shortcuts so you don't go to the left hand menu every time you made a wrong move and you are pretty much good to go.

Here are both models in Tilt Brush format if you would like to view it with your Vive headset:

Totoro on pedestal: Untitled_0.tilt
Totoro, Mei and Satsuke on a branch: Untitled_3.tilt